Image by Camille Brodard

Imagine you… stepping into your ready-made beauty salon

You’re onto something good. Very good.


Free yourself to do what you do best

This is your chance to safely break out of the mould and discover the payoff. And you won’t have to do it alone. We’ve taken the hard work out of the process.

You’ll be surprised at how much we offer for the affordable price.
Image by Sunny Ng

Let’s start with your salon, based in a beautiful therapy suite.

Whatever your speciality in beauty and wellness —whether for bodies, faces or the soul — your space will be fully equipped when you arrive. 

Based on your specific requirements, your salon could include a: 

- Beauty bed

- Hot towel cabinet

- Steamer

- Woods lamp

- Stool and trolley

- Beauty lighting station

… and more. 


Just grab your products and tools and you’re off.

Image by Rune Enstad

Oh, and did we mention product discounts?


Bring your own products or use our supplies. We’ve built strong business partnerships with suppliers over the years, so you can enjoy discounted prices too.

We support your independence

you’re in charge of your own space and can stay flexible.

No locked-in price lists
No dictated discount regimes
No shift requirements
No long-term lease commitment
Personalise the salon with your branding
Choose your own pricing
Choose your own booking schedule
Choose your own quality standards

You’re independent, but not alone

When you join our inclusive community, we’ll partner with you to see your dream become reality. Our experienced team is brimming with stories and advice for navigating the challenges of the entrepreneurial life in this industry. Respecting the different needs of our community, our carefully selected complementary services are available as you need them. 


We’re with you every step of the way.



Our reception team will greet your customers with the offer of refreshments while they wait. 


The reception team will do everything they can to help, and to represent your brand to the highest standard.

Business Advice


When you’re stuck on the business side of things, help is only a phone call away. Accounting, business set-up, inventory planning, tax, marketing and system processes. No matter the issue, our team is cheering you on to grow and develop. Plus, take advantage of a free one-hour consultation every month.

Advertising and Marketing

Your (speciality/ business) will automatically be promoted via Austhetica’s social media, website and advertising platforms. We’ll help you stretch your marketing reach, offering you more opportunities.